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About the Rock Hole All about this site

A-Z of Hair Metal Brief mentions of tons of hair bands that don't have full features on this site.

Def Leppard vs. Bon Jovi Which is the champion survivor of the '80s?

Growing Up is Hard to Do by guest writer the LL Kid

Guitarist Guide The top 5 best and worst guitarists of the '80s.

Hair Metal: The Rough Guide A short history of hair metal and discussion of what it means to be a hair band.

Live Albums: To produce, or not to produce?

Really Big Album The top 10 biggest selling albums of the '80s

Really Big Single The top 11 biggest hits of the '80s

Why Hair Metal Killed the Rock Star by guest writer Daniel Lacalle

Why Aerosmith Sucked in 2002

Why Jon Bon Jovi Sucks

For more articles see the Bands section. The old (now abandoned) Hair Hole website has articles including a feature on who had the biggest hair, and the Top 40 hair metal bands.

Discuss any of these articles in the Rock Hole forum!

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