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Hey! This is the part of the Rock Hole designed for guitarists. Here I'm going to feature reviews of guitar gear and guitar tabs transcribed by me. There could be some other stuff too, if I think of or find anything worth featuring, but on the whole this will focus on providing accurate tabs of popular rock songs for which there aren't already good tabs available on the net.

To start with:

Def Leppard, "Animal"
This smash hit has got tons of guitar parts on it but all the tabs I have seen have just sucked. I worked hard on this and it's a pretty detailed and accurate version which should help a lot with jamming along and hopefully will give you a few new guitar ideas to play with. There is at least one mistake in it which I will correct soon, when I can be bothered to work out what the correct part is!

Yamaha RGX820Z
A review of this great looking and sounding guitar which comes with Seymour Duncan pickups and a piezo transducer for acoustic tones.
I should add that since reviewing this guitar I've had to send mine back to the manufacturer because it wasn't staying in tune. However, Yamaha have been extremely helpful and co-operative in trying to fix this problem.

Please send in your requests here.

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