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The best place I have found for buying music online is Netsounds, so that's why the Rock Hole is a Netsounds affiliate. I wouldn't have their banner up if it wasn't a good site.

When I first started a website (Hair Metal Now, which isn't there anymore), it was because when I was new to this kind of music, there didn't seem to be much about it on the web, and I found it hard to get advice on what to buy next. Now there seem to be hundreds of sites. Maybe they were there all along and I just couldn't find them. Oh well, these are links to a few I have discovered. I don't really have time to surf them all, so you'll have to dig around and see what you come up with. Of course, the Rock Hole is still the best!

Links to websites about the specific bands featured on this site can be found on the band's page at the Rock Hole.

Don't forget the Rock Hole Blog at
Before there was the Rock Hole, there was the Hair Hole. Check out the roots of this website!
AOR/ melodic rock site with mp3s and interviews
A music fan lists his favourite songs and albums of all time, as well as sorting them by year and decade. Interesting reading.
Excellent monthly magazine. Includes the column "Hairspray Heaven", perfect for Melodic Rock fans.
Tons of interviews. Tons. Reviews and other stuff, but the interviews are the main attraction. Loads of great bands covered.
Pretty comprehensive database of hair metal and AOR bands.
I think the name says it all.
No site has more news, reviews, and interviews of melodic rock old and new
No relation of, although quite similar in format, this website is in German and English.
Ultimate Metal Reviews: does exactly what it says on the tin
Another (different) metal reviews site
There are some great, free radio stations here including Hair Metal, and Headbanger Heaven. Formerly
Rock news and stuff, old and new; cool archive of fonts in the style of bands' logos. Cool site.
Where the bad boys of '80s rock live on -- excellent site -- like the Rock Hole but much less good!!
Syndicated US rock radio show. Cool website too.
Tribute to the classic Kerrang AOR column as well as some new stuff.

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