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I expect to update this section of the website more often than any other, so check back regularly.
Scores: All albums are rated with a score out of 10 at the end of the review. Ten, obviously, is the best score, signifying a masterpiece, and 1 is a CD so bad you would not even want to use it as a coaster or use the booklet as toilet paper. Scores are not particularly scientific and should  just be considered a rough guide.
And yes, I own all the CDs I review, and I make sure I've lived with the CD for a while and got familiar with it before I review it.

Lastest Reviews:

Toys in the Attic
The Beach Boys, The Very Best of the Beach Boys
The Beatles,
Poison, Crack a Smile
The Best of Warrant
Tamplin, Wake The Nations

Total reviews: 109 and counting…

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I know that some of the music reviewed here is now quite rare. The best website I have found for hard-to-find stuff is Netsounds.
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