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What's all this about, then?
OK, here's the deal. When I was about 16, I launched a site called the "Hair Hole". It was a site dedicated to the glam metal/ hair metal/ whatever-you-wanna-call-em bands that reigned supreme in the '80s. It was pretty popular. Well, it got like 100 hits almost straight away and then because I never updated it I got only about two more hits the rest of the year. It's still there though if you wanna check it out (click here). Anyway, a ton of people pointed out to me that the name sounded a bit dodgy. This never even occurred to me so you should all clean out your filthy little minds. Anyway, I've now called it the Röck Höle (note the pointless use of umlauts a la Mötley Crüe)… the name is supposed to make you think of some sleazy LA club with an early incarnation of Ratt playing away to some dudes with seriously awful mullets. The Rock Hole is an all-new site though. There is no repeated material from the hair hole. All the design is new and all the writing has been redone from scratch.
      I also changed the name of the site because not every band featured here is a hair band, and I wanted to be flexible. I really like Aerosmith and a lot of other stuff too so that leaves it open for me to just make this a site dedicated to any music I want to talk about.

Why the Rock Hole?
When I first got into rock music I looked for a site like this. I wanted to know what other bands were out there, some information about them and what they sounded like. I knew I already liked Aerosmith and Def Leppard; I wanted to know who else to check out. There are a lot of sites out there but I never found a site like this. I developed my taste myself, taking a chance on stuff and finding out what I liked. This is my attempt to make a site like I was looking for back then, as well as including things that interest me now as a more experienced rock fan.

And who are you to be telling us about this?
I'm a total nobody, is the straight answer! I'm just an opinionated kid who likes this stuff. It's a complete self-indulgence, and actually pretty cocky. What makes me think anyone should care what I say? Well the bands covered here were cocky too so that works out great. I don't take any of it too seriously either, which is similar to such bands as Poison who were in it for a laugh (well, occasionally they got serious but those times are best left unmentioned). I also like the current breed of rock; I'm not stuck in the past. I just love '80s rock. I love the fact that they are constantly amusing due to a never-ending stream of horrendous lyrics and dress sense that… well, defies belief. In spite of all that though, the '80s produced a pile of cracking music. Van Halen, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue created the template for a genre, and the combination of aggressive hard rock and fantastic catchy pop songs was a billion dollar idea (literally). The huge vocal harmonies that were a trademark of so many of the era's best bands; the anthemic choruses… it's simply irresistible. So to go back to my original point… I'm here because I love it.

Why does the web site look so bad?
Yeah yeah, the site isn't going to win any design awards any time soon, but you should see what it was like when it was first launched!! I didn't want a black back ground because… well, black backgrounds are very over-used and oppressive, and all the music I like is fun and uplifting. As for keeping it simple, well, I'll be honest… I'm a lazy scumbag and if this web site was complicated I could never be bothered to update it! So what do you want… something good looking or something which is moderately up-to-date?
There were never any pictures on the Hair Hole site anyway and graphically it wasn't that advanced. I'm no graphic designer. I can write a bit and that's it, so I might as well play to my strengths. I basically want to make this site emphasise the reviews section. I mean, biographies and all that stuff can be found elsewhere but my opinion is the only thing I've got that no one else does. But anyway… hair metal bands are ugly scum! It's bad enough seeing women with big hair and spandex, let alone Bret Michaels! Why on earth would you want to look at them?! So please don't send me emails asking for more pictures to be put on the site.

A little note: If you see a mention of an album going platinum or gold or something, I've normally stated what country it's in, but otherwise assume I mean the USA, where most of these bands have had the majority of their success.

Send any comments, questions, or anything really to the Rock Hole.

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